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ICAN - Institute for Career Advancement Needs

Inspiring leaders. Transforming organizations.

Companies turn to ICAN to invest in their most valuable resource: their employees. At the same time, individuals need to invest in their own careers, too. When people succeed, their companies succeed. We help people like you navigate their careers, elevate their work and motivate each other to be their best.

Learn About Authentic Leadership
We’re fostering equity and creating inclusive workplaces. Join the April program!

Examining Unconscious Bias

We’re fostering equity and creating inclusive workplaces. Join the April program!

ICAN in search of our next inspiring President and CEO

Susan Henricks Announces her Retirement

ICAN in search of our next inspiring President and CEO

1,500+ Graduates Strong

Our proven leadership development programs can help you find your true purpose and engage with your work like never before.

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Transforming leaders since 1996 through our flagship program

Custom Programs

Leadership Your Way

Custom programming offers the opportunity for our incredible faculty to lead personalized sessions at your company. We work closely with you to determine your unique needs and build a program that will accomplish your specific goals. This is an opportunity to delve into your organization’s culture, build off its strengths and take your leaders to the next level by choosing the programming that is right for you and your company.

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Defining Leadership

Ignited Purpose

During eight immersive, day-long group sessions, we’ll expound on all facets of leadership and how you can enhance your career now. Your leadership style and how you represent yourself to people plays a big role in your individual path. You’ll learn more about yourself, you’ll expand your network and you’ll design intentional plans to accomplish your goals.

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Examining Unconscious Bias

See the World in a New Light

Everyone has biases. When we know about these tendencies, we can be more self-aware and sensitive to people around us. Collective conscious awareness can lead to more inclusive and equitable workplaces, higher productivity and more meaningful dialogue and experiences. If you’re ready to facilitate change in your company (and in your community), the ICAN team has the tools and strategies for you at our Examining Unconscious Bias program.

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Meet our Faculty

As lifelong learners, certified experts and leadership specialists, our faculty members have one important thing in common: they love seeing people fulfill their potential.

ICAN’s Women’s Leadership Conference

August 11

Now in its 28th year, join thousands of fellow leaders for an unforgettable and inspiration-filled day of listening, learning and leading. We’ll identify leadership strategies you can employ to increase your visibility and supplement your on-going leadership development to stand out. When we stand together in these efforts, it creates a long-term impact on the pipeline of future women leaders.

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Leadership Development for Everyone

We offer a variety of leadership programs that are suited for all career experience levels, all organization types and sizes, and all industries.

Level Up and Stand Out

Individual Coaching

Elite athletes have coaches to help them refine their techniques, elevate their skills and motivate them to win. Having a coach in your corner can help you stay at the top of your game — or help you get there. The individuals we coach are paired with one of our faculty members who advises them on their career, leadership development and more.

Personalized Success