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Leadership development programs designed specifically for your company.

Custom Programs

Your company, and your employees, have unique needs and goals. Working within an existing framework of proven curriculum, we personalize our best-in-class, results-based programming around your objectives and tailor it to meet your organization’s leadership needs. We’ll work directly with you to ensure the programming is timely, relevant and immediately actionable for your employees – whether a one-time program or an annual cohort structure. ICAN has successfully delivered robust customized programs to hundreds of participants globally across various industries and department types – and we would be honored to serve your organization next.

Meeting You All the Way

One of the best parts of our custom programs is that our team will meet you wherever is most convenient for your employees, whether that’s your conference room, virtually to bring employees across multiple geographic locations together, or an event venue of your choosing to change up the environment.

Leadership Essentials

Know When to Lead and When to Manage

This proven, custom leadership program develops leaders at the managerial and front-line supervisor levels – while also suited for an individual contributor. The structure of the curriculum was created to give participants a multi-disciplinary perspective and empower them to build strong and motivated teams, to provide an environment of open communication and to ultimately retain employees and lead with purpose.

Manager Essentials

Improve Managerial Effectiveness

Through this immersive, experiential learning program, mid-level managers explore organizational strategy and strengthen their strategic thinking capabilities. A big differentiator of Manager Essentials over other leadership development programs is its focus on outcomes. Each participant will go through various assessments, giving them invaluable feedback and results on how they are applying their learning.

High Potentials

Next Stop: C-Suite

Even seasoned leaders can improve their skills. The next step in their career will require them to use their strengths in new ways, and High Potentials will help them prepare. This program provides key learnings on strategic thinking, authentic leadership, decision making, enterprise perspectives, emotional intelligence, change management and many other critical capabilities for successful executives in today’s business environment.

Ignite Better Teamwork. Great things happen when people put their heads together.


Empower your employees. Inspire Results. Gain greater self-awareness and understand on a deeper level how to utilize diverse ways of thinking and being, both for yourself and your team. Through the Emergenetics assessment and workshop, we provide you with the understanding and tools you need to connect with others, fuel talent development and build better teams.

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We promise to make this process meaningful and fun.

Get Started

When we embark on a custom program project with a company, we start with the basics. What are your unique needs? What is your company’s mission and vision? What are your collective values? Which strategic initiatives are you in the midst of, and which are upcoming? Where are your leadership development gaps? This is an incredible opportunity to focus on your target areas, build the program flow with the content pieces that meet your goals, achieve increased employee engagement and build a competitive marketplace advantage.

Let’s start customizing