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Invigorate and ignite your team in just a short and focused burst

Speaking Engagements and Half-Day Modules

Members of ICAN’s staff and faculty are available for short in-person or virtual speaking engagements to present on leadership focused topics during a company meeting, off-site workshop, employee resource group gathering, lunch & learn, etc. Speaking topics can be prepared for up to 1 hour and include:

  • Clarifying & Living your Values
  • Change Management
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Women in Leadership: Past, Present & Future
  • Grit and Tenacity in the Workplace

Pricing varies based on length of engagement, size of group and any requested customization to the presentation.

Please contact ICAN for speaking engagement pricing 

ICAN Half-Day Modules are designed for teams in both an on-site training and virtual capacity with a more robust agenda and enhanced learning format. 4-Hour modules are presented as part of a curriculum with 5 offerings:

  • Resilience & Gratitude
  • Goal Setting & Goal Getting
  • Ethics & Values
  • Emotional Intelligence – Workshop #1
  • Emotional Intelligence – Workshop #2 (includes the EQ-i 2.0 assessment)

Please contact ICAN for half-day module pricing.

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Quarterly series of workshops for a leadership development program

Engage and develop young professionals and emerging leaders

Bring an expert in to faciliate dialogue and training

Resilience & Gratitude

In 1863 when Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a federal holiday during a brutal war, he was onto something. The country was split, and both sides had suffered huge losses. While many on either side probably didn’t feel like giving thanks, maybe a day set aside to be grateful was just what the country needed. Fast forward over 150 years later when research tells us that regular gratitude can improve relationships and improve our physical health. Lincoln may not have had scientific proof, but he seemed to instinctively know that gratitude is most important when things look bleak. Practicing gratitude regularly (not just one day a year) can give you the tools to be more resilient no matter what life throws your way. It can change your perspective. You’ll learn how to practice gratitude and build resilience in this program.

Goal Setting and Goal Getting

Participants will walk away understanding the value of goal setting and have the ability to develop meaningful and clear goals and understand this is the building block of strong organizations. Having clear and meaningful goals motivates all of us to achieve what is most relevant and important to us. With SMART Goal Setting training, the focus is on the entire organization—people, skill sets and overall capacity. The training will be interactive, fast-paced, engaging and motivating.

Ethics and Values

Handling ethical challenges and understanding values conflicts are an important part of building successful relationships in the workplace and beyond. Participants will explore and practice methods to resolve ethical dilemmas or values conflicts in order to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships. Drawing on the work of Dr. Mary Gentile, Ph.D and the Business Ethics Alliance and Creighton University, leaders will explore ways of thinking about values in the workplace and practice giving voice to their values when faced with ethical challenges.

Emotional Intelligence #1

In the early 1990’s, Daniel Goleman defined the term “emotional intelligence” or EQ, and said that success at work is strongly influenced by personal qualities such as perseverance, self-control and skill in getting along with others. People with high EQ are better able to work in teams, adjust to change and be flexible. No matter how many degrees or certifications we might have, without certain emotional qualities, we’re unlikely to succeed. Our workplaces are continuing to evolve digitally, making room for new technologies and innovations. This makes EQ all the more critical. You’ll learn what defines EQ and how to show capabilities, the difference between IQ and EQ and put it all together through a discussion about your self-assessment. An EQ self-assessment will be administered in advance to participants.

Emotional Intelligence #2

Emotional Intelligence is an essential part of the whole person and is different from IQ or personality. Emotional Intelligence is not just knowing about emotions. It’s about how to use emotional intelligence in an effective and meaningful way and it requires a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we: 1) Perceive and express ourselves; 2) Develop and maintain social relationships and 3) Cope with challenges. The EQi 2.0 Model is a tool to accurately access strengths and blind spots by measuring current levels of emotional and social functioning.

Ignite Better Teamwork. Great things happen when people put their heads together.


Empower your employees. Inspire Results. Gain greater self-awareness and understand on a deeper level how to utilize diverse ways of thinking and being, both for yourself and your team. Through the Emergenetics assessment and workshop, we provide you with the understanding and tools you need to connect with others, fuel talent development and build better teams.

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