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Defining Leadership is a proven program that takes leaders to new heights.

Defining Leadership

As ICAN’s flagship program for leaders of all levels, now 1,300+ graduates strong, Defining Leadership enables participants to discover new avenues to success through a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them. After eight immersive, interactive sessions, graduates leave with greater self-awareness, heightened emotional intelligence and more effective techniques for living and working with authenticity. Defining Leadership is run multiple times a year, with a Defining Leadership for Women series twice a year and a Defining Leadership for Men series once a year. The group size is usually between 14 and 20 participants. These respective programs are open to people of all genders, inclusive of cisgender, transgender and non-binary identities.

See below to for full program dates for both upcoming series and to inquire on tuition pricing.

“What I learned about myself and my ability is unmatched to any program I have ever been a part of to date”
– Defining Leadership Graduate

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 Be a part of the next class of graduates who will gain a leadership advantage, be inspired to elevate their potential, and transform their lives, companies and communities!

Defining Leadership takes participants on a journey of knowing themselves more deeply — and translating that into whole-life leadership results. Using that newly discovered knowledge and confidence, participants will build a strong foundation to more fully understand others. In addition to self-assessments and self-study, the program’s expert faculty gives exercises that include peer dialogue, experiential learning modules and group interaction during and between sessions. Graduates leave with more clarity and purpose — and a stronger network of fellow leaders.


Fall 2024 | Class 44

Defining Leadership for Women

DATES for Fall 2024: September 11-12, October 3-4, November 7-8, December 5-6 with an orientation on September 10 & a celebration on December 5. Deadline to register: August 20. All sessions are full day (work hours) and required, they will take place within the Omaha Metro area. Faculty for this series will be Jodi Beller and Ginny Curley.

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Spring 2025 | Class 28

Defining Leadership for Men

DATES for Spring 2025: February 20-21, March 20-21, April 10-11, May 8-9 with an orientation on Feb. 19 & a celebration on May 8. Deadline to register: February 2. All Sessions are full-day (work hours) and required, they will take place within the Omaha Metro area. Faculty for this session will be Dawn Gelderloos and John Slieter.

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Spring 2025 | Class 45

Defining Leadership for Women

DATES for Spring 2025: February 6-7, March 6-7, March 27-28, May 1-2 with an orientation on February 5 & a celebration on May 1. Deadline to register: January 15. All Sessions are full-day (work hours) and required, they will take place within the Omaha Metro area. Faculty for this series will be Jodi Beller and Ginny Curley.

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Eight sessions to be a more engaged, inspired leader.

Defining Leadership

Split into four, two-day sessions over four months, and taught by expert faculty, Defining Leadership can be a seminal part of your career journey. Each session involves small group discussions, interactive exercises and time for introspection, and each graduate receives one hour of individual coaching.

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Defining Leadership Helps You Stand Out

Defining Leadership is an intensive, transformational experience, building and bolstering self-awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership agility. 

Specific outcomes include:

  • Strengthened strategic thinking abilities
  • Greater sense of confidence and accountability
  • Ability to think conceptually to visualize the future with more clarity and purpose
  • In-depth understanding of key leadership attributes
  • Communicate with presence, poise and creativity
  • Heightened team-building skills and utilization of team diversity
  • Connection to a strong network of experts
  • Understand others’ perspectives through knowing yourself more with an emotional intelligence lens


For more information on Defining Leadership and to inquire about pricing, please contact us.

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Scholarships Available

ICAN offers 2 Scholarship Opportunities for the Defining Leadership Program.

Non-Profit + Small business Scholarship

If you work for a nonprofit organization or small business, you may be eligible for a scholarship to attend Defining Leadership at a reduced rate.

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Susan L. Henricks Defining Leadership Scholarship

The Susan L. Henricks Defining Leadership Scholarship program invites community leaders in any sector to leverage ICAN’s experience in developing leaders to build and sustain strong, healthy organizational cultures and communities. Applications open in early Fall for the Spring Series the following year.

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