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Powerful bursts of learning to give you a competitive advantage.

ICAN Leadership Learning Bursts help you cultivate your leadership talents, innovate and collaborate through top-tier, convenient powerful bursts of learning. Immerse yourself in a topic that is highly relevant to your business challenges.

June 11 (Registration Deadline: June 5)
July 30
August 20
September 17
See session topics and descriptions below.

FORMAT: All Sessions are held from 10. A.M. – 12 P.M. virtually via zoom. Led by expert ICAN faculty via zoom, and we ask that you plan to have your camera on for lively, interactive discussions and activities.

PRICE: $99 per session. Register for single sessions or multiple in the series.


Clarifying Your Values

June 11 | Faculty: Dawn Gelderloos

At ICAN, we believe everyone is a leader – and good leaders have a major impact on the success of your team and your business. In this interactive learning burst discover your core values and how they influence your success. Identify and integrate your values into the work of your team. Having clear core values can be used to cultivate engagement, productivity and strong culture. When leaders lack awareness of their values, leadership styles can be inconsistent and difficult to understand. By considering your values, you can make choices based on what is truly essential.

Deadline to register: June 5.

Resilience & Gratitude

July 30 | Faculty: Sue Robach

In this learning burst, discover why resilience is essential in today’s work. Learn the key attributes of resilient people and resilient teams. You’ll learn the link between gratitude and building resilience and experience the benefits of resilience and gratitude in the workplace. The program finishes with an incredible activity to practice gratitude with someone essential in your life.

Managing Conflict

August 20 | Faculty: Steve Wilson

Productive conflict is the lifeblood of innovation and progress, and this session will give you 5 practical strategies to handle conflict in the workplace. Managing conflict well can lead to a positive work environment, improved communication, and increased productivity. You will take part in a useful exercise to reframe a past conflict through a 3-way approach.

Importance of Allyship

September 17 | Faculty: Moniki Cannon

Build your leadership vision. Change starts with each of us taking responsibility for our own awareness, actions and advocacy. In this learning burst, you will learn to identify where you may be unaware and identify how you can build awareness. Discover how to interrupt bias and become an ally and an advocate in the workplace. This module will equip you with tools for ongoing development in the allyship space.