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Expand your network and worldview by participating in our group leadership development programs.

Open Enrollment Programs

Companies and careers don’t exist within a bubble — leaders rely on a community of people to enhance their leadership journey, grow their business potential, evolve their contributions and deepen their knowledge. When individuals graduate from our open enrollment programs, they leave with meaningful, professional relationships throughout the community (and beyond), with greater self-awareness, a defined leadership voice, renewed purpose, and with more empathy and understanding of others. They’re more prepared to successfully lead their teams, elevate their career and accomplish their goals.

Step Away From Work for a Bit

We know you’re busy, but by investing time in yourself and strengthening your leadership skills, you’ll actually be more productive, efficient and calm when you’re back at work. Taking the time away for a truly transformational leadership development experience is a gift and can make a big impact in both your personal and professional life. The same goes for those you lead — consider an ICAN leadership program as a meaningful, results-oriented and investment-worthy step in their development and employee engagement. 

Defining Leadership

Definitive Growth

This transformational program unleashes high-potential employees to maximize their impact within their companies and communities. Defining Leadership drives bold thinking and inspired action, but it first asks participants to more fully understand themselves. Graduates master effective techniques for leading, living and working in alignment with their values, ethics and strengths. Defining Leadership is an intensive, transformational experience, building and bolstering self-awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership agility.

Empower yourself and others

Learning Bursts

Powerful bursts of learning to give you a competitive advantage.

ICAN Leadership Learning Bursts help you cultivate your leadership talents, innovate and collaborate through top-tier, convenient short virtual learning sessions.

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Learn From Each Other

Peer dialogue and sharing experiences is a key component of our group programs. In that spirit, read these stories on our blog about how individuals have taken their leadership skills to the next level using the knowledge they learned in our flagship programs.

Defining Leadership Participant feedback

It really opened my mind to what I can accomplish both personally and professionally.

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