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We believe in your ability to maximize your potential.

Why Choose ICAN

No matter where you’re at in your career, you can take ownership of it. You can control your destiny. ICAN’s leadership development programs can help you discover new strengths, build productive teams and lead with authenticity. Our expert faculty have built immersive, results-oriented programs that bring out the best in leaders and companies. We’re ready to reveal your best self, too.

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Our Mission

ICAN develops inspired, authentic leaders who transform the organizations and communities they serve.

Our Vision

To be the leadership resource that individuals and organizations turn to for transformational experiences in leader development that resonate with meaning and purpose.

ICAN is noted for developing vital, resilient and balanced leaders who are dedicated to building and sustaining strong, healthy organizational cultures. These leaders also impact our communities — we’re proud of how they continually make their boldest and best contributions for the good of all.

Our Values:

  • Inspiration
  • Connection
  • Authenticity
  • New & Expanding Knowledge

Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Statement

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging – these are more than just words to ICAN. These are guiding principles for our Staff, Faculty, Board of Directors and Speakers for ICAN Events. We are committed to building an inclusive organization which welcomes people of all abilities and backgrounds.


Meet Our Team

Our staff, faculty, board and partners all come together to support ICAN’s mission. We believe in the incredible power of mindful, consciously inclusive, transformational leadership.

ICAN Staff    ICAN BoarD    ICAN Faculty

ICAN leadership development programs are different from your typical training seminars.

ICAN Programs

Our programs take the best of traditional and leading edge techniques, lessons, and philosophies and place them in interactive, experiential sessions. These programs can change the trajectory of careers, lives and entire companies. We believe work matters, but it’s just one aspect of a person’s life. The way people work, and the way they lead, is directly related to all other aspects of life. ICAN programs honor the whole person, and they can transform the way your company grows.

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