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A Look Back

Offering fresh ideas and proven best practices from energetic, inspiring speakers, ICAN’s Women’s Leadership Conference attracts thousands of attendees each year.

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The ensemble: inspiration for elevating team performance through symphonic leadership.

At the heart of symphonic leadership is the ensemble: the team. Teamwork, collaboration, networking and connectivity is what the 2020 ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference centered around. Featuring keynote speakers Erica Volini, Marissa Orr, Ritu Bhasin, Liza Donnelly, Claire Haidar, Mark Sato, Karen Cvitkovich and Jade Simmons, attendees joined virtually for the first time, due to the pandemic. The conference did not miss a beat, however. Proving the power of a harmonious ensemble, everyone involved with the 2020 conference confirmed that, when individuals play their best, the sum is greater than its parts.



Staying human, staying relevant and leading in the digital age.

Today’s digital age produces a constant state of motion and change. The disruption caused by innovation, consistent access to technology and evolving social parameters affect the expectations of today’s leaders. Only through adaptation can leaders navigate urgent and eminent shifts in their industries, talent and society — all within the exponential pace of technological development. Human characteristics cannot be automated, as evidenced by keynote speaker and legendary journalist Judy Woodruff. Also featuring Mike Walsh, Andrea Gonzales, Jenny Fleiss and Curt Steinhorst, the conference emphasized how emerging technology, generational shifts, wo­rkspace freedom and connectivity have made human capital more important than ever when cultivating effective and empathetic leaders.



Regarding authentic leadership… you can be real to yourself, real to others and realize your leadership potential, all at the same time.

The 2018 Women’s Leadership Conference featured conversations regarding authentic leadership. As keynote speaker and international storyteller Tina Brown exemplifies, to be an authentic leader, you cannot be fake; you must be genuine through your experience and your commitment to developing yourself. The idea of authentic leadership has been a mainstay at ICAN since its founding, making it the perfect theme for the 25th ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference. Speakers also included Kindra Hall, David Logan, Angela Hucles, Brittany Packett and Tasha Eurich.

Work/Life Challenge


The elusive work/life balance is not only achievable, it’s necessary for individual and company success.

ICAN’S theme for the 2017 Conference acknowledged that the workplace was changing. From the old paradigm that work/life balance is a women’s issue, to where paternity leave for fathers, flexible work hours for family/personal needs and working remotely are acceptable business practices for everyone. The modern workplace will be where collaboration, inclusion and flexibility is valued, and particularly in the case of millennials, where work/life balance often is equal to career progression when evaluating career development and choices. The conference featured Deborah Roberts, Dan Thurmon, Jessica Shortall and Shabnam Mogharabi as keynote speakers.



Shift happens — and it must happen — to transform companies into more equitable, impactful and successful workplaces.

The 2016 ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference encouraged attendees to capitalize on transformation, to disrupt norms and lead their teams forward. The conference celebrated the influence of women in the workforce, inspiring them to adopt a winning mindset and to propel their companies to greater success through capitalizing on diversity of thought, crossing generational divides and bringing one’s boldest self to work. Featuring keynote speakers Amy Cuddy, Reshma Saujani, Curt Steinhorst, Carla Harris, Steve Pemberton, Anne Loehr, Lori Mackenzie and Melanne Verveer, attendees were exposed to national expertise and transformational stories.

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ICAN Leadership Award

The ICAN Leadership Award honors a person at any leadership level who has taken the necessary steps to redefine leadership in their organization and community through collaboration, compassion, confidence and creativity. This award is sponsored by Kiewit Corporation and is presented annually at the ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference.

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