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Discipline, Exploration & Compassion

Martin “Marty” Malley

ICAN Faculty

Marty recently retired from Union Pacific, where he was assistant vice president of information systems. He was previously a US Navy nuclear-powered submarine officer, having served in a variety of submarine and shore assignments before retiring at the rank of Commander. He was executive officer of the Trident submarine USS Nevada (SSBN 733) and chief of missile strike planning for US Strategic Command. He is trained in Co-Active coaching, having completed the CTI Fundamentals of fulfillment, balance, process and synergy. His passion is for improving the quality of education and leadership in developing countries. He is currently engaged with the Opportunity Education Foundation on a continuing basis and does freelance IT management consulting, focused on international partnerships.

"Marty has walked the walk so when he talked the talk, I listened carefully."

ICAN Program Graduate