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Graduate Feature

Tracy Roe

Defining Leadership for Women Class 27

Tracy Roe is currently the Director of Corporate Support at Nebraska Public Media. Tracy has over 30 years of media experience leading high-performance sales teams focused on print, radio, television and digital platforms. She is currently matched with a Teammate, participates in the PBS Mentorship Program and serves on the ICAN Board. Tracy is a graduate of University of Nebraska-Lincoln Journalism College and a proud Husker.

She enrolled in Defining Leadership shortly after a career transition from print to public media. “At the time, I felt vulnerable, as I found myself managing a sales team with far more industry knowledge than I had,” she said. “Defining Leadership gave me the confidence to trust my talents and allowed me to understand and capitalize on my true authentic leadership style with innovative tools and resources to effectively lead others.”

As she worked through the program, she deepened her knowledge about her values and belief system, and why she felt or reacted the way she did in different situations. “I learned to leverage my self-perceived ‘shortcomings’ into areas of strength and learned how to maximize the synergy of different preferences into the good of the whole,” she said.

“It’s 100% worth the investment and the time.”

Tracy Roe

Director of Corporate Support
Nebraska Public Media

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