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What Leaders Need Now: Webinar Featuring ICAN’s Susan Henricks and Laura Roccaforte

Laura Roccaforte, Susan Henricks, Andrea Chilcote

ICAN President & CEO, Susan Henricks, speaks with ICAN Faculty Member Laura Roccaforte and Morningstar Venture’s Andrea Chilcote for their What Leaders Need Now webinar series

What if, together, we could co-create the future of organizational leadership? What if we could sustain the practices that allowed us to survive—and we dare say thrive—in this most difficult time?

Enjoy this webinar, courtesy of the What Leaders Need Now Series with Executive Coaches Andrea Chicolte of Morningstar Ventures and our own ICAN Faculty Member Laura Roccaforte. They invited ICAN President and CEO, Susan Henricks, to participate in this August 2021 session titled “Who is Going Back?”

What is the deeper call for leaders as we return to a changed workplace of an ever-evolving “new normal”? We are no longer the same; previous approaches to workforce engagement and retention are no longer relevant. We explore what forward-thinking companies are doing to empower change, attract and retain talent and support employees emerging from one of the most challenging times of their lives. As always, we provide realistic guidance you can put into practice immediately.

RESOURCES from the what leaders need now team:

What Leaders Need Now: New Conversations to Co-Create the Future of Leadership

Participant Materials: The August Conversation – “Who Is Going Back?”

Thank you very much for joining Andrea Chilcote and Laura Roccaforte for our latest webinar. We invite you to share the experience with others in your personal and professional circles. Find the video on the What Leaders Need Now website and YouTube channel and connect with us on Facebook. Any feedback you have is appreciated.

Special thanks to our expert guests, Susan Henricks, CEO of ICAN, and Larry Hofer, Vice President of Human Resources at Cox Communications, for their perspectives as we explored the deeper call for leaders and what forward-thinking companies are doing as we return to the changed workplace of an ever-evolving “new normal.”

Leaders, What Do YOU Need Now?

What topics would you like to explore as we continue the dialogue about changing leadership practices during this unprecedented time? Is there someone in your circle whose expertise or insight would make them a fantastic guest speaker? We would love to connect with you!

Webinar Materials

Please find the “Who is Going Back?” webinar PDF here, as well as the Cox Flex Forward program presentation here so generously shared by Larry.


  • Webinar Recording – If you missed “Who Is Going Back?” or would like to view it again, watch the recording on our website and YouTube channel.
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  • Tools – Find a variety of tools for strengthening leadership practices on our Toolbox page here.

Andrea and Laura welcome your questions and feedback anytime and look forward to seeing you again soon for our next webinar! Thank you again for being part of this essential, ongoing conversation to co-create the future of organizational leadership.