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A Leadership Conversation on “LAUNCH”

Susan Henricks & Joni Wheeler

ICAN’s Susan Henricks with Joni Wheeler, ICAN Board Member + Executive Vice President, Talent and Enterprise Solutions at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

We invite you to watch the video below as Joni discusses the origins and practice of her ‘Launch’ philosophy, the value of investing in and developing your people – no matter what, why it made her a more authentic leader, and how the ‘launch’ practice can be incorporated into one’s career at any point and any organization. YOU can launch!

Thank you, Joni, for your sharing your leadership with us. Enjoy!

What can you do right from where you are? Whether you are a leader of people or an individual contributor, you can influence positive change in your team or organization.

Joni Wheeler

LAUNCH Contributor

The articles discussed in this video were originally published by Joni Wheeler on LinkedIn as part of a two-article series. We invite you to check them out here.


To learn more about how to put Wheeler’s leadership philosophy in place, check out her tips for individual contributors and managers. These leadership tips downloads are provided with courtesy to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska.